Tenant Business invitation
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Small and medium business having technology related to bio-industry and knowledge-intensive small and medium businesses
Businesses certified bio-venture company and the business passed through the business incubation center
Business related to bio-industry or institute of research institute
Those who have intellectual property rights related to bio-industry technology or those who desire commercialization and make corporate through the technology
And other businesses acknowledged as required for vitalization of institute by the management committee
How to invite and apply
Invitation: Public invitation through public notice
Period of Accepting Application: Accept after public notice (Regular or Rolling basis)
※Invite after public notice in lump when having vacancy
Documents to be submitted: Tenant application and business plan (including attached documents)
Review Process: Invitation notice → Preparation and sumission of application→ Review by documents and by visit (1st review) → Tenant Election Committee (2nd review) → Select and notify the tenant → Enter
Submission method: by mail or visit
Address: 760-380) 1486-18 Gyeongdong-Ro, Andong-City, Gyeongbuk)
Inquiry: Business Support Department of Gyeongbuk Institute for Bio-Industry Tel:054)850-6921, Fax:054)823-5901
Terms and Charges of Tenancy
Term of Tenancy: 3 years (Extendable for once after reviewing the business accomplishment within 3 years)
※ To evaluate and manage the tenant business, tenant evaluation will be performed once by semester (twice a year)
Security Deposit: 100,000 won/pyeong (based on the area leased)
Monthly Rent: 13,000 won/pyeong (VAT included)
Monthly Maintenance Fee: Utilities (electricity, water, cooling and heating expenses, etc.) and maintenance fee shall be charged with actual expenses (Internet service, facility service and inspection are free of charge
Major Benefits
Financial Support: Support preferentially with Gyeongsangbuk-Do Small and Medium Enterprise Fostering Funds
Apply the preferential score for Gyeongsangbuk-Do/Andong-City Bio-industrial Technology Development Funds
Technical and Financial Support: Support the manpower, technology and management consulting and participate jointly in the R&D
Commercialization Support: Marketing (participate in exhibitions, promote the products linked with relevant authorities, provide the permanent exhibition for tenant business, etc) support project, patent application, administrative information support
Equipment Support: Possessed by Institute, jointly experiment and analysis, and support the production equipments, etc. with discount
Facility Support: Grand conference room, Inno-cafe, conference room, high-speed internet, etc.
Address: 1486-18 Gyeongdong-Ro, Andong-City, Gyeonsangbuk-Do (1319-84 Songcheon-Dong)
Tel: 054)850-6921
Fax: 054)823-5901
Officer in Charge: Jang Han-Su-Team manager