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Sep 11, 2008: Fixed as the 2nd stage regional strategic industry fostering project of Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Dec 26, 2008: Purchased the land (27,433㎡) within Gyeongbuk Bio-Industrial Complex
Mar 13, 2009: Entered into Gyoengbuk Bio-venture Plaza Construction Commissioning Contract (Gyeongbuk Institute for Bio-industry and Gyeongsangbuk-Do Development Corporation)
Jul 22, 2009: Established Gyeongbuk Bio-venture Plaza Construction Project Group
Feb 21, 2010: Basic and execution design of the building (Shinhwa Engineering)
Apr 28, 2010: Started the building construction works (Sewon Construction)
Dec, 2010: Completed the concrete placement for foundation of main building and gound floor of GMP (41% of construction process)
Aug, 2011 ~ Dec, 2012: Build the facilities and equipments for GMP
Second half of 2012: Completed the construction of Gyeongbuk Bio-venture Plaza
Second half of 2013: Open ceremony of Gyeongbuk Bio-venture Plaza will be held
Expected Effects
By building GMP facilities for functional health foods at global leve, the sales effects of 50 billion won in the regional bio-companies and 200 employees will be created
Build the bio-industry innovation base in the Gyeongbuk region linked with bio-industrial complexes around the Bio-Venture Plaza and vitalize the regional economy (attract the investment of 20 companies)