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Hi, welcome to Gyeongbuk Institute for Bio-industry where the dreams come true.

As a new growth industry representing 21st century's "low carbon green growth", the bio-industry is getting attention as a new prosperous industry by the acceleration of the fusion between BT and other fields such as IT, NT, CT, etc.

Gyeongbuk Institute for Bio-industry will contribute to the regional and national economic development by responding to such external and internal environmental changes and with the constant changes and innovations.
To do that, Gyeongbuk Institute for Bio-industry will leap to a R&BD institute for the health functional foods industry and vaccine industry.
We will promote the reinforcement of the product competitiveness in the regional businesses related to the foods by building GMP facilities for health function foods at global level, and will take in charge of key part in the securing national health by establishing the next generation's influenza vaccine plant at the largest scale in our country.
We will settle down as a representative institute of fostering the bio-industry in Gyeongsang region.

We will set the highest values and goal to satisfy the enterprises by building consumer-oriented integrated support system from creation of bio-company, R&D, production, and quality control to marketing.
We will make the Korean type successful model for the development of the regional industry.
We will make successful model for the vitalization of regional economy and future national economic development by maximizing the synergic effects of the development of regional industry by building the cooperation network among the industry, the academic, institute and authorities.

We, all the executives and employees including me, will concentrate all the competence and efforts to making your dreams come true and hope that you would send us constant interests and affections for Gyeongbuk Institute for Bio-industry in future.

Thank you.

Gyeongbuk Institute for Bio-industry